Total Gaming hits the milestone of 1M likes on his live stream

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Total Gaming could be regarded as the biggest gaming YouTuber in India and a large part of his success on this platform is due to the famous battle-royale game Free Fire and his grasp over it.

He has reached many successful landmarks in his journey and for the first time, he has completed the goal of getting over one million likes on his live stream.

Total Gaming or Ajju Bhai is a very well-known name in the Free Fire community and he is the largest influencer that represents the content creation side of Free Fire in India. He is about to reach 18 million subscribers on YouTube and has collaborated with many other big names in his journey.

In his recent stream, Total Gaming pledged to climb the rank ladder in Free Fire with his star studded squad of Desi Gamer, Jonty Gaming, and Mania. The goal was to reach from Gold to Grand Master in about 18 hours and Ajju Bhai streamed a lot longer than planned and ended up doing a stream of about 20 hours.

During this long run, he managed to reach yet another landmark where the stream reached a goal of one million likes while it was still live.

This is not an easy feat for any streamer around the world and an Indian streamer playing Free Fire managed to attain this goal.

This is the testament of the huge mobile gaming fan following in India and its prominent faces making a permanent mark in the content creation slowly and steadily.

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