Technical Guruji says BGMI may come back by Dec 2022

Battlegrounds Mobile India and its ban story in the country has been out of the trending topics as the officials have failed to provide any updates on the game’s current situation. Amidst this all, BGMI fans are turning towards other sources for information and Technical Guruji, one of the biggest tech YouTubers from India, has claimed that BGMI will come back by the end of 2022.

BGMI was banned in India on the basis of being hostile to user privacy and other malicious controversies linked with it. It was also said that the game has some Chinese connections, leading it towards the same fate as its predecessor.

Technical Guruji says BGMI will come back by end of 2022

Fans and the entire BGMI community have been patient for the past couple of months but now, players have started asking their favourite content creators for an answer. Many creators like Sc0ut and MortaL have urged their fans to patiently wait but Technical Guruji has different claims.

In his recent video titled “Weekly Tech Focus” Episode 12, Technical Guruji mentioned that BGMI may come back to India by the end of this year. He also mentioned that the game is returning in a new avatar, hinting at a possible revamp of the game.

He has not provided any evidence on the basis of which the claims could be verified but fans can keep a trust on his words and hope that BGMI comes back in India as soon as possible.

It is worthy to note that a specific date has not been mentioned in the video or any other sources. Technical Guruji is yet to reveal his own sources and it will be interesting to see if that is revealed in the future.