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Soul Mortal and 8Bit Thug’s YouTube channel is hacked

The YouTube channels of two of the biggest gaming personalities in the Indian gaming community have been hacked by a common attacker as Soul Mortal and 8Bit Thug have lost access to their precious YouTube IDs. The name of their channels have been changed to MicroStrategy US.

S8UL fans were taken by surprise earlier this evening as they could not find the YouTube account of Soul Mortal as well as 8Bit Thug. Most of the videos from their respective YouTube channels were deleted and later, the name was changed as well.

8Bit Thug confirmed that their accounts were hacked and mentioned YouTube India in his official tweet in an attempt to get their account back. This is not the first time that a famous YouTuber has lost their account as a similar thing happened with Carryminati and 8Bit Thug himself back in 2020.

The accounts were recovered very soon within a few hours of getting hacked and a similar thing can be expected this time as well. The appearance of 8Bit Thug’s YouTube channel has been changed with the change in display picture but no such thing is seen on Mortal’s channel.

The hackers that have targeted Mortal and Thug belong to the same organization or group as the names of the hacked channels are similar, mentioning MicroStrategy US in their name.

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