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TSM Shadow opens up about alleged “exploitation and harassment”

Arjun “SHADOW” Mandhalkar has come forward and spoke up about alleged exploitation, harassment and threats faced by him by unnamed entities from the esports community. He has uploaded a post asking for support from his fans as he is taking a fight of “David against a Goliath” by speaking about unjust practices within the community.

Shadow alleges these companies/organizations of exploiting esports players and fans while mentioning about challenging the boundaries that are based on “exploitation, harassment and threat.”

Earlier today, TSM India uploaded a statement stating that their BGMI roster’s in-game leader, Shadow, was being poached by some organization. Some organization has registered Shadow as their own player without contacting TSM even though he was still under contract with them.

After this post, Shadow uploaded a post on his own Instagram handle and said that he has decided to fight against certain companies/organizations formed with intent to exploit esports players and fanbase. His entire statement is as follows:

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A post shared by SHAĐØW (@ig.shadow.og)

There might have been friction between TSM India and Shadow as TSM was seemingly trying out different players in their active roster. Someone named “TSM Tryout”, a fake-named BGMI player, was seen taking the place of Shadow in the recent third-party events and Shadow was rumoured to be playing from some other organization as well.

Shadow has also mentioned that he will be “quitting” toxic relation with such companies and since he is currently under the contract of TSM, this post seems to be aimed at them.

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