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Tanmay ‘Sc0ut’ Singh is a household name when it comes to the Indian gaming community. He has achieved several milestones in his career and a large part of this success goes to his competitive journey in PUBG Mobile. As an avid gamer and streamer, Scout has tried his hands on many games to date; PC and Mobile likewise; and one of the titles which have piqued the interest of Scout is Free Fire.

Free Fire is a mobile battle-royale game that is very famous in India and hence, has a large player base. When PUBG Mobile was banned in September 2020, Scout promised to diversify his content portfolio and as a result, many new games were often seen on his streams. Free Fire was one of these titles and Sc0ut seemed to enjoy this game a lot.

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Recently, Scout has made an unexpected appearance at a Free Fire invitational tournament after teaming up with a well-known squad in competitive Free Fire. He is collaborating with TSG Army to play in the upcoming Free Fire Titan Invitational tournament. Some users might be interested to see the statistics of Sc0ut in Free Fire so here is his current ID and stats for January 2021.

Scout Free Fire ID & Stats

Scout has some impressive stats in this game as well. Although he has barely tried this game for a short period of time, the stats reflect that he is actually good at some special modes in Free Fire. One can find Scout in Free Fire using his unique character ID. This ID is given down below.

  • Scout Free Fire ID : 2339156229.

You can search for him using this ID name and find several updated statistics time-to-time. Currently, he has only played a total of 65 squad games. Several of them are from Ranked mode but the other half of the matches are from the ‘Clash Squad’ in-game mode. His ranked and lifetime stats for Classic mode are as follows:

Scout has played a lot of ranked matches in Clash Squad mode and he utterly destroys his enemies in this mode. He has an impressive win-rate of 80% in his overall ranked matches of this mode. Here are his stats for Clash Squad Mode:

These are the current statistics of ScoutOP in Free Fire. You can get more updated stats if you check his profile in-game with the ID mentioned above. If you want to see him in action, make sure to check the Free Fire Titan Invitational tournament on 16th and 17th Jan.

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