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Krafton reveals pre-registration rewards for Battlegrounds Mobile India

Krafton has started the pre-registration process for their upcoming Indian battle-royale title Battlegrounds Mobile India. In the announcement post, it was revealed that players will get exclusive items for registering and the developers have finally revealed those rewards. A complete set will be provided to each and every one who pre-registers.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is the Indian version of PUBG Mobile which is being publicized as a new battle-royale game. PUBG Mobile India underwent a rebranding process where its social front was updated. The social media handles have been changed to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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Indian PUBG fans are eagerly awaiting the game’s release and Krafton is making steady progress by creating and releasing relevant content on its social media to escalate the hype. Recently, a post revealed that players will be getting a “Recon Set” for pre-registering.

This process begun on 18th May for android users and eligible players can enroll in the process on Google Play Store. Assured rewards were mentioned in this announcement and Krafton has followed through. They have also creating awareness about the prevailing pandemic by urging players to wear mask by including a mask in this outfit itself.

The Recon Set looks more like a simple set that players used to get at the end of every season after reaching platinum or above ranks. It is not the most special kind of outfit but it still celebrates the return of PUBG Mobile in India.

Players who want this reward can simply pre-register for the game. Remember that it is only open for android devices for now and iOS users may get support in the future but it is not guaranteed yet.

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