Krafton launches BGMI anti-cheat tool called BAC ahead of BMOC 2022

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The esports season of Battlegrounds Mobile India has started as many teams are currently fighting in BMOC online qualifiers while invited teams are battling it out in The Grind. Krafton has launched a new anti-cheat tool called BAC to prevent any sort of cheating attempt in the official events.

PUBG Mobile tournaments were plagued with hackers and has had its fair share of hackers in the past. After the arrival of BGMI, there was again an influx of hackers in classic lobbies and fortunately it has not reached competitive segment yet.

As Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge 2022 is already around the corner, the game developers have launched an anti-cheat tool called as BAC. The BAC application will be running in the background of the participants’ devices as they play matches during the tournament.

An additional layer of security is added with this application as it will record the entirety of matches from each player’s point of view. A player will need to submit a live selfie before and after every match to make sure that every participant is legitimate.

To setup the BAC tool, players need to provide their date of birth and provide a ton of application permissions such as media and storage access, microphone access and camera access as well.

Each player will login to the BAC app with the provided login ID and password. Afterwards, they will need to click a “selfie” and then upload it. This application will run in background to monitor any kind of suspicious act.

The Grind is currently underway and as soon as it ends, the main event of BMOC will start with a blend of qualified teams and invited ones. This event will be the first place where BAC will be employed.

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