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Is Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Free To Play?

Following years of anticipation, the wait is finally over as Call of Duty: Warzone makes its debut on mobile devices. Mobile gamers from throughout the globe are tuning in to the action-packed first-person shooter which is currently available to play on Android and iOS.

With the mobile version of Call of Duty: Warzone gaining worldwide traction within a short period since its release, a lot of players are curious to know whether the game is free to play for everyone. So, if you’re a mobile gamer who’s asking yourself “Is Warzone Mobile free to play?” then you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ll check out what you need to know about the release of Call of Duty: Warzone mobile while also taking a look at whether the Activision title is free to play.

Is Warzone Mobile Free To Play?

Yes, Warzone Mobile is a free-to-play game, allowing players to dive into the game without any cost. Simply head to your Play Store or the App Store, search for “Warzone Mobile,” and download the game without any further hassle. There’s no need to spend a dime to download the game; as it’s readily available for all players to enjoy without any financial commitment.

However, like any other multiplayer free-to-play game, Warzone Mobile contains various microtransactions to enhance the players’ gaming experience. These microtransactions are generally limited to cosmetic enhancements and provide no competitive edge to the players whatsoever. For instance, you can spend money to obtain weapon skins or exclusive operators in Warzone Mobile.

As time progresses, the developers are likely to ship out new updates including additional cosmetics that players can buy using real money. However, Warzone Mobile is likely to remain free to play for the foreseeable future.

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