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Rainbow 6 Siege breaks the active player count record

Rainbow 6 Siege is arguably the most challenging tactical shooter out there which takes into account more than just the sheer skill of the player. Ever since its release, R6 never quite managed to reach the level of global penetration that the likes of Counter-Strike or Valorant did, but it always boasted a loyal group of players that stuck with the game for 9 years.

While many blame Rainbow Six’s steep learning curve as a reason why it can’t retain players, we cannot ignore it as the same reason why the game is the most tactically diverse FPS out there. Over the years, the game has had its ups and downs and has remained largely prevalent in certain parts of the world which is why its daily player count was nothing next to some of the FPS Esports titles.

It has been 9 years since the launch of the game and fans will be happy to know that Rainbow Six Seige, has broken its daily active player count according to Steam charts. On March 18th, Rainbow Six hit an all-time high of 200,000+ active users after close to a decade of its release.

Rainbow Six Esports, is far from what it once was given it has been restricted to certain parts of the world and major esports organisations aren’t lining up to host R6 events but the developers have been consistent with content and updates that drive monotony away from the game but it still remains leagues behind leading FPS titles like CS2 and Valorant.

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