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CSGO’s Top Stars Who Never Won a Major

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive may have seen its final days, but its legacy endures. Competitive CS:GO was shaped by legendary Majors, where teams battled for the ultimate title. While many skilled players hoisted the trophy, some giants of the game, sadly, never tasted that kind of victory. Let’s look at the top 10 CS:GO players who fought hard but never took home Major gold and speculate on their potential in the CS2 arena.

  • Nikola “NiKo” Kovač

This Bosnian rifling powerhouse earned respect as one of the best to ever grace CS:GO. His raw talent and individual prowess remain undeniable, yet a Major win always eluded him. Could CS2 provide the stage for him to finally break through and claim his place among the champions?

  • Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski

A cornerstone of the North American CS scene, EliGE anchored Team Liquid for years. He came tantalizingly close with a runner-up finish at Intel Grand Slam Season 2 but couldn’t quite secure that Major win.

  • Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács

This Slovakian AWPing maestro reached three Major finals, each ending in heartbreak. His peak form, particularly at DreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015, is etched in CS:GO history.

  • Keith “NAF” Markovic

NAF’s time with Team Liquid saw them dominate briefly. Though helping secure an Intel Grand Slam title, he fell short of Major glory.

  • Egor “Flamie” Vasilyev

A key force in Natus Vincere’s consistent top finishes, Flamie saw several shots at the title evaporate. Internal struggles eventually dimmed his star, but his legacy as a major contender remains.

  • Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella
nitr0 csgo

So close! Nitr0 came within a sliver of the championship in Cologne. After a failed venture in Valorant, he’s returned to CS:GO, his story still open to a triumphant final chapter.

  • Justin “jks” Savage
jks csgo

The Australian powerhouse has been a consistent top performer, with highlights including subbing in for FaZe and pushing Renegades to a Major semis in Berlin. Now part of the victory-hungry G2, the first CS2 Major in Copenhagen could be his destiny.

  • Cedric “RpK” Guipouy
rpk vitality csgo

“LeTank” took a hiatus at an unfortunate time—missing out on the French CS boom that produced multiple Major winners. Had he stayed, his fate could have been very different.

  • Casper “CadiaN” Møller
Heroic IGL CadiaN

A grizzled veteran, CadiaN only recently became a serious contender with Heroic. His tactical mind and team leadership finally put major titles within reach… just as CS2 arrives.

  • Martin “Stavn” Lund
stavn heroic

Heroic’s muscle, Stavn has been a top-20 player for three years running. They nearly took the win in Rio, but will the home-field advantage in Copenhagen finally secure victory – though in CS2, not CS:GO?

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