Indian Team “We Support Farmers” qualifies for PMPL NA: Spring Split

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PUBG Mobile Club Open kickstarted the journey of PUBG Mobile Esports in 2021 and as the tournament is coming to an end, new teams are getting added to the list of veterans where they will compete in the upcoming season of PUBG Mobile Pro League. An Indian team has qualified for PMPL Spring Split through the North American region.

PUBG Mobile was the biggest mobile esports title in India before it was banned and this was due to its ever growing popularity in the country. The Indian powerhouses found some ways to represent the country even though the game was banned. Some organizations hired rosters overseas to carry their name while others participated from entirely new region.

PMCO North America has been the tournament where teams represent different parts of the world. The teams are based in NA and yet sport the names of their origins and native places. Three teams with Indian origins were able to qualify for this tournament and while the other two dropped out during the groups and finals, one contender is able to make it to the semi-pro league stages.

The three teams which qualified for PMCO NA were Punjab United, We Support Farmers and HomeTown and out of these three, “We Support Farmers” has made it to further stages. This team barely secured the spot after ranking ninth at the end of PMCO NA Finals and getting the slot with a single point lead.

The roster comprises of new talents as follows:

  • thePAIN
  • razzer5B
  • jazz
  • singh5B
  • ivorian

This team will now compete with the big names in PUBG Mobile Pro League North America: Season One. The list of invited teams is not announced yet but it will comprise of veterans who have made their name in the last season of PMPL NA.

The name of this team appears to be a reference about politics in India and the tournament organizers happen to have ignored the linkage.

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