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How to get shovel in COD Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile has recently updated their seasonal events and as new events have made their way in to the game, a new event named ‘Gold or Nothing’ is added. This event is offering the new ‘Shovel’ as the ultimate reward and here is how you can earn it in COD Mobile.

This event is similar to all the other seasonal events where players just need to complete some simple tasks to unlock new content in the game. There are a total of seven tasks and each one offers certain rewards at that particular stage. Players can earn a ton of battle pass XP and other rewards through this event.

As mentioned above, players need to complete simple tasks and for this specific event, players need to earn various medals in MP matches and complete the tasks mentioned below in order to get the shovel. The tasks are as follows:

  1. Play 3 MP matches
  2. Earn Berserker Medal in MP matches 3 times
  3. Earn Headshot Medal in MP matches 5 times
  4. Earn Avenger in MP matches 10 times
  5. Earn Kingslayer Medal in MP matches 5 times
  6. Earn Relentless Medal in MP matches 3 times
  7. Earn Brutal Medal in MP matches 3 times

The rewards which can be earnt at each stage are as follows:

  • 200 Credits and 1000 battle pass XP
  • 3 Weapon XP cards and 2000 battle pass XP
  • HBRa3 – Ripped Camo and 2000 battle pass XP
  • 15 Weapon XP cards and 3000 battle pass XP
  • Recovered – Calling Card and 4000 battle pass XP
  • Salty – Charm and 6000 battle pass XP
  • Shovel and 6000 battle pass XP

Complete all of these tasks and earn the rewards. These lucrative rewards can be easily unlocked so do not miss the opportunity to get these skins and the new ‘Shovel’ through this event.

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