How to get gloo wall skins for free in Free Fire

Free Fire World Series 2021 came to an end after a successful run in Singapore. Top teams from around the globe travelled to Singapore to participate in the first Free Fire LAN event after the pandemic. The developers set certain landmarks for viewership and since all of them are completed, players can get several rewards including free skins.

Pheonix Force, the representatives from Thailand won the tournament and took home a massive amount of $500,000. Subsequent rewards were awarded to lower teams and the humongous prize pool of $2 million was distributed in an even fashion.

Free Fire community made this event a big hit as the viewership skyrocketed on several streams. A cumulative peak viewership of over one million was achieved in this tournament and it is very massive when compared to other esports titles.

Garena had set three landmarks for its viewership and players were supposed to get free rewards from it. The landmarks were for 100K, 300K and 500K viewership and all of them have been completed. Free Fire players can now get free rewards from the events section.

Players can get three rewards in total for these milestones. The list of these rewards is as follows:

  • 100K Viewers – Diamond Royale Voucher and Universal Fragments
  • 300K Viewers – Unlock any one character for free.
  • 400k Viewers – Claim any one reward of the following:
    • Kungfu Emote
    • Let’s Go Emote
    • M79- Hipster Bunny
    • MP40- Carnival Carnage
    • Gloo Wall – Aurous Dragon
    • Gloo Wall – Nuclear Bunker
    • Gloo Wall – Dragon Sea

How to unlock FFWS 2021 Rewards

You can follow these three simple steps to unlock all the rewards in Free Fire.

  • Click on Calender section and go to FFWS tab.
  • Click on sections “100K, 300K and 500K.”
  • Enter each section and click on “Claim” to get the reward.

This event is coming to an end very soon so make sure to hurry up before time runs out. FFWS 2021 was a big hit and more such events are coming in the future.

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