How to earn Call of Duty Mobile ‘Clan Wars’ mode rewards

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile has introduced a new Multiplayer map, new featured game modes, weapon balancing, Clan Wars, and more in the Season 4 update. One of the major updates in the game is the launch of Clan Wars mode. In this mode, all the clan members compete against other teams to earn rewards such as gun skins, icon borders, melee skins, and much more.

CODM Season 4 Battle Pass

The season 4 battle pass gives players the opportunity to win various free skins, guns, Scorestreak, and much more. You can unlock the new Hawk X3 Scorestreak at Tier 14 from which you can rain down fire from above at your enemies. At Tier 21 you get the fast-firing, lever-action MK2 Marksman Rifle.

Besides these items, you can also get free tier items such as the Saddled Charm, the Cyborg Showdown Calling Card, the Wagon Wheel camo series, and more.

Premium Pass Tiers

The players could also buy premium pass tiers to unlock all the items available in the Season 4 update. You can unlock Alex—Bounty Hunter right at Tier 1, along with the Razorback—Stirrup and the Standoff at Dusk Calling Card. While moving up the tiers, the players could earn Operator skins like Morte—Conciliatore and Scarlett Rhodes—Carmine, the MK2—Brushstroke, the Lasso Spin emote, COD Points, and more.

Clan Wars

The clan wars mode gives each player to earn clan currency at the end of each week. To earn this reward, players need to join forces with a Clan, through which you can register for each specific Clan War event week after week. So now your question would be, how the clan wars mode work?

How to earn Clan Wars reward?

For example – The players need to defeat a number of opponents using a specified gun in-game (maybe Assault rifles) with specified attachments. The more Clan members that complete this objective, the more Node points you’ll earn. The highest you rank on the top of the Node, the best possible rewards each player receives.

Besides the overall result of the clan rewards, you will also earn clan currency for your efforts. This new currency can be used in the CoD Mobile store to purchase exclusive items.

Clan Wars Reward List

Now you’ll be excited to know the rewards that could be won by the players. There are various types of gun skins, icon borders, melee skins, and much more. Here is the complete list of the rewards.

  • Ronin – Hagakure
  • QXR – Rebirth
  • Backpack – Ronin
  • Chestpiece – Ronin
  • Helmet – Ronin
  • RUS-79U – Brushed Chrome
  • QXR – Brushed Chrome
  • Chopper – Ambush
  • DL Q33 – Ambush
  • ASM10 – Ambush
  • Knife – Ambush
  • SMRS – Ambush
  • Frag Grenade – Ambush
  • Flashbang Grenade – Ambush
  • Rank Border – Elite 1
  • Rank Border – Elite 2
  • Rank Border – Elite 3
  • Rank Border – Pro 1
  • Rank Border – Pro 2
  • Rank Border – Pro 3
  • Rank Border – Legendary

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