How to get Glo Technica Gloo Wall Skin in Free Fire

Free Fire is famous for its skin line and the developers always come up with innovative ways to provide skins to its player base. One of these methods is by creating certain event and in the new MOCO event, players can unlock the fancy ‘Glo Technica’ Gloo Wall skin.

Gloo Wall is one of the most used equipment in Free Fire and having a fancy skin to flaunt while playing is always a better choice. Players need to purchase some diamonds to get this skin but it is not necessary to spend them to unlock this item.

Along with the new update, Free Fire has provided a new top-up event called ‘Tech Guru Top Up’ in which, players need to purchase a certain number of diamonds to get skins of their choice.

Two skins are available under this event and one of them is the attractive ‘Glo Technica’ Gloo Wall skin. The other skin available is Moco Month Backpack. Players need to purchase a total of 500 diamonds to unlock these both skins.

You can get this new Gloo wall skin by following the steps given below:

  • Open Free Fire and go to the top-up section by clicking on the diamond button.
  • Select a pack of your choice but make sure to purchase more than 500 diamonds to get this Gloo Wall skin.
  • Once you have made the purchase, go to the Calendar section and navigate to ‘Tech Guru Top Up’ event to claim it