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Free Fire vs Free Fire Max: What are the differences?


Free Fire Max – What is different from normal Free Fire??

Garena released an official note on the Free Fire developers blog, about the update and main news that are only available in the MAX version.

Many players have asked us about what’s in the common version that doesn’t have the max. Here are all the main differences between the two:

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Especially on Free Fire MAX

1 – Gameplay

1.1 Creation Workshop

New Feature Available: The Creation Workshop brings a completely new experience to Free Fire. In it, players will be able to create their own maps and share them with the rest of the squad. Access the Creation Workshop and start testing your imagination!

Map Creation Workshop is now available in Free Fire MAX.

Free Fire players will be able to play on maps created in the Custom Room.

There will be an interface to keep track of the most popular and recommended maps from the Creation Workshop.

1.2 Bermuda MAX

New map available: Bermuda MAX. 

On this map, you can face 4×4 battles in the Clock Tower region. With the updated graphics and addition of buildings, this map will give you a special experience to get to know Free Fire MAX.”

2 – Profile news

2.1 360º view available in the lobby

New lobby and theme: The lobby has been redesigned to leave separate space for new features in the future. 360º view available in lobby

3 – New animations

3.1 Reload the weapon

New weapon animations available. Available: Players will be introduced to a whole new universe of weapon animations in Free Fire MAX.

The Free Fire MAX animations are exactly the same duration as the Free Fire animations. The only difference is aesthetics and doesn’t affect gameplay.

3.2 Movements and interactions

Smoother and more realistic animations: Free Fire MAX comes with new visuals for running, crouching, eating mushrooms and using the armor repair kit. Now they look smoother and more realistic! Speculations also say that higher refresh rate has been optimized for the game.

4 – Sound effects

4.1 Improvements in gun sounds

Sound adjustments and improvements when firing and reloading the weapon: Sound effects improvements have been implemented in all game modes.

4.2 Echo Effect

New echo effect: Players will receive an audible feedback when shooting both inside and outside buildings. Available in the Training Island Combat Zone.

5 – New special effects

5.1 New Drone Effect

Available in Battle Royale Mode: To increase immersion, the Drone now has a blue effect when scanning areas. This drone special effect is available for all Battle Royale mode maps.

5.2 New graphics for water

Available in Remastered Bermuda, it makes the diving experience even more fun! Players will be able to see this in the water between Pochinok and Sentosa.

Optimizations and bug fixes

Improvements in footstep sounds.

So, these are the main differences between the versions. Remembering that the player who is in normal Free Fire will play together with the player of Free Fire Max, what changes are only the details.

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