Free Fire OB30 update features, leaks, advance server additions and more

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The developers at Garena: Freefire have been gearing up for the next OB30 update as the advance server testing began for some time. A magnitude of new features like new characters, new pets, multiple guns, and features like gameplay recording have been in the testing phase. Most of them being likely to be included in the live server, here are some glimpses into the upcoming features, according to the speculations made on some social media posts made by them to build up the hype.

Free fire also has recently announced an exciting new collaboration with the venom movie,

Free Fire x Venom 2: Let there be Carnage,  which can be read here. This will also bring in exciting new content and themed costumes but without further ado let’s look at the new content to be added in the new patch.

One of the features to be almost definitely be confirmed is the training grounds inspired by the FreeFire max, where the combat zone has an inspired map cleaned up better enabling players to warm up their skills before hopping onto games.


Another feature to be featuring in the next update is the Airdrop vending machine. Players can now purchase high-tier combat supplies by spending FF tokens.


The replay function has been long-awaited and is going to be one of the centers of attraction in the upcoming update. Even though the exact specifications haven’t been revealed, it is a quality of life improvement feature to be added for sure.

The developers might also add some characters from the advance server in the OB30 final patch, like one of the characters having an ability called the Memory mist and another having Buzzer Beater.

New weapons that include a shotgun and a treatment sniper are also expected to be released. Finally, a new pet called agent hope might be incorporated into the game as well. A bouncing bonus is a skill that replenishes every time the safe zone shrinks.

For more updates on Freefire max, free-fire redeem code and OB30 updates, stay connected here.

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