Free Fire: Auto Aim Hacks leads to instant ban

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Free Fire is a well-known battle royale title in the mobile gaming market. This game is developed by Garena and has a huge player base around the world. Similar to any other game, Garena Free Fire is also plagued with hackers who try to use unfair means to gain advantages over other players. One of the most used hacks is auto-aim and it has been the reason for the highest number of account bans in recent times.

Garena is actively trying to shut down all kinds of illegitimate activities which ruin the Free Fire experience for other players. Cheating is a big issue in this game and while all kinds of hacks are actively used by the cheaters, the most famous hack in this shady community is auto-aim.

An auto-aim or automatic headshot hack is simply a cheat that makes the players aim directly at their opponents’ heads and land instant headshots. This is a lethal hack as players do not stand a chance to retaliate in such a situation and end up dying before they can even react.

The developers are cracking down on such hacks and as per their recent reports, the most number of bans have been issued for this particular hack. Above 70% of the users found cheating were using this hack and they were instantly banned by Garena.

Most of these bans were made on the basis of player reports so if you come across such a hacker, make sure to report his ID so that the developers can take instant actions against such cheaters.

Garena defines cheating as the use of any unauthorized third-party application which is not developed by them or altering the game client in order to achieve functions that are non-existent in the official game client. This means that any kind of altercation made to the game will lead to a ban.

Free Fire also has a zero-tolerance policy which means that if you are found hacking even once, your account will be banned permanently. The developers say that they ban devices used for cheating so that players can not use other accounts on the same mobile after cheating.


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