FAUG launches Team Deathmatch Mode in beta version

Fearless and United Guards, the first-person shooter game developed in India has officially introduced its first-ever multiplayer mode in the form of Team Deathmatch in the game. The developers promised that a mode similar to TDM will be added to the game and it has been released in the form of a beta version.

Team Deathmatch mode differs for each game and in FAUG, the mode is quite similar to what we see in other mobile titles. This mode is going to be a 5 vs 5 multiplayer mode with new maps and guns. FAUG was launched with a simple story mode and only had melee weapons in the earlier phase but now, we can see proper equipment added to the game.

nCore Games made an announcement of the launch of Fearless and United Guards Team Deathmatch mode on their official Twitter handle and players can download the game and enjoy this new mode. This mode will take the game a step closer to making it more widely accessible and multiplayer friendly.

You can download the game by clicking here and try to enter the beta testing mode. Remember that slots may get full and hence, you may need to take multiple tries before successfully entering into the list of testers.

A completely new map and different kinds of guns and grenades are supposedly being added with this new mode. It will be interesting to see how this new mode turns out and how different mechanisms are employed in the new version.

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