Activision, the developers of Call of Duty Mobile has announced the return of COD Mobile World Championship 2022. This year the championship will feature a massive prize pool of over $2 million including $1.7 million for the World Championship Finals, the largest single event payout in Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship history.

The event will give players the opportunity to earn in-game rewards, including new weapons and Operators, plus a share of the prize pool. The event is distributed in two parts, Stage 1 and Stage 2.

The World Championship will be conducted regionally in multiple stages beginning with Stage 1’s four open in-game qualifiers. Each weekend from March 31 through April 24, 2022, UTC, eligible players who complete 10 Ranked Multiplayer matches and earn 60 points will qualify for Stage 2 and get new in-game rewards every week.

COD Mobile World Championship 2022 Roadmap

  • Stage 1: Solo Play: March-April
  • Stage 2: Team Play: May
  • Stage 3: Regional Qualifiers: June-July
  • Stage 4: Regional Playoffs: August
  • Stage 5: Grand Finals: December