COD Mobile Season 8 Release Date and other details

COD Mobile Season 8

Activision is preparing to release a new update to their flagship mobile title called Call of Duty: Mobile. This will update the game to Season 8 and will bring in some new features along with the regular seasonal reset. Check out the COD Mobile Season 8 release date along with some other interesting information.

COD Mobile Season 8 Details

The Season 8 theme has been teased all around the social media handles of COD Mobile but its name is not revealed yet. Some leaks have revealed information about this new update and it has been confirmed that a new map, character as well as the regular battle pass update will be seen.

A new map called “Express” is coming to COD Mobile with the next update. As the name suggests, the map will be around railway theme and players will fight on a completely new terrain in the MP mode.

A new “double agent” has been teased on the leaks as well. According to its sources, it was used in a commercial and this new character might drop in the game in the next update. She will be called as “Park – Double Agent”.

COD Mobile Season 8 Release Date

Players are certainly excited to hear about this new update release date of COD Mobile and while the officials have not announced it yet, one can easily estimate it based on the battle pass timeline.

The season 7 battle pass will be ending today in COD Mobile and hence, it is said that COD Mobile Season 8 will be dropping live on 31st August 2022. The release time for this update will be 10 AM PDT.

Make sure to update the game on time to enjoy the latest features as soon as you can.