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Call of Duty: Mobile completes its one year anniversary on 1st October and launched a new event called “Technogeek” which gives away the new BR class Hacker for free. Hacker is the BR class in COD: Mobile and very useful for meddling with the enemy surveillance system as well as in stealthy charges.

How to unlock Hacker BR class in COD: Mobile?

The Technogeek event started on 2nd October and will be live till 14th October. This event will feature ten simple tasks that are exclusive to the battle-royale mode and each task gives 10 points. By completing the tasks and stacking up to 100 points, the players will unlock subsequent rewards and ultimately the Hacker BR class.

List of Technogeek Tasks:

  • Pick up a customized weapon from an airdrop three times.
  • Survive in a match for twenty minutes.
  • Enter the top 20 two times.
  • Use vending machines in the Black Market 2 times.
  • Run over and kill two enemies while driving a vehicle.
  • Use armor plates to repair your vest 5 times.
  • Deal 1,500 damage in BR mode.
  • Use the CD machine in Downtown 2 times.
  • Kill 2 enemies with headshots.
  • Pick up a rare weapon 5 times.
  • Land in the Radar Base area 2 times.
  • Kill 3 enemies in the Outpost area.

Note: All of these tasks are compulsory and to be done in battle royale mode only.

Once you complete these tasks, you will unlock the following rewards:

  • Freight Train Parachute – 20 points
  • Freight Train Wingsuit – 40 points
  • Freight Train ATV – 60 points
  • Hacker BR class – 80 points
  • Special Ops three – Iridescent: 100 points

What does Hacker BR class do?

As mentioned in the first paragraph, Hacker is a BR class used for stealthy combats. This class has one active and other passive ability, similar to others.

The active ability is called as Ice Pick. This ability will jam all enemy radars in the vicinity and make their gadgets useless. The passive ability is called Hard Wired. This ability will prevent any meddling in the mini-map by the opponents’ Hackers and give you stealth advantage. The players using Hacker will go unnoticed in the mini-map once the ability is active.

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