Tragik disqualified from COD Mobile tournament for “shooting bodies”

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Esports is no stranger to teabagging and BM in general, however, a little drama and spice are always appreciated by the viewers as long as it stays within the bounds of friendly banter.

Teabagging or BM(bad manners) is an unconventional way to assert your dominance or a moment of brilliance by looking down upon your opponents. While fans appreciate a little banter, unsportsmanlike behavior is off the limits. Teabagging is often subjected to penalization but disqualification without any prior warning is something unheard of.

Jim, a professional COD Mobile player for Tragik pulled off an incredible 1v3, much needed to keep his team in the tournament, which explains his excitement that he showed by shooting the dead bodies of the players on the receiving end of the clutch. However, shortly after, the stream cut directly to the casters as Tragik was disqualified and a free win was awarded to their opponents for “unsportsmanlike conduct.”.

The COD Mobile esports community wasn’t shy to show their disagreement with the decision of tournament organizers and for good reason. Teabagging is generally countered with a warning from the TO, but a direct disqualification is unprecedented, as teams who were involved in similar behavior were left with a warning.

Tragik Pearl, the team manager later clarified that none of the admins warned them against the possibility of a disqualification, not to mention the tournament rule book didn’t mention shooting dead bodies would result in disqualification.

Several pro players and the community, in general, have spoken against the controversial disqualification of Tragik, now it’s up to the TO to come up with a public statement that remedies the situation.

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