COD Mobile: Hardcore Mode added back to Hardpoint and Headquarters

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Call of Duty: Mobile is the first mobile game by Activision that represents the popular Call of Duty franchise in the mobile gaming market. This game has been immensely popular since its launch and hosts a variety of multiplayer and battle-royale modes which are usually seen in the popular COD titles. This time, developers have reintroduced a hardcore mode for two in-game MP modes in COD Mobile.

Hardcore mode in COD: Mobile is pretty different than normal modes. Players need to try their very best just to be able to survive in extreme conditions and fulfill their tasks according to each mode. If you want a higher immersive experience of a fast-paced and deadly battlefield, playing hardcore mode is highly recommended.

Call of Duty: Mobile has a unique approach in the hardcore mode where health regeneration is minimal, players start at low HP bars, and even completing the tasks as a team is very important as a solo user could be busted down very easily due to several disadvantages.

The players start with very low HP bars and a different kind of friendly fire is enabled in this game. You need to be precise with your aiming skills because if you hit your teammates by mistake, the same amount of damage will be dealt with you as a penalty. This makes tactical plays a higher priority than just bashful engages.

The developers have introduced hardcore mode in the already existing MP modes of Hardpoint and Headquarters. Both of these modes are quite similar to old-school CTF where teams need to secure a location for some time to gain valuable points. In this mode, kills do not matter as much as the points do.

In Hardpoint mode, a team needs to secure a specific location called ‘Hardpoint’ for some time and it changes to several spots in due course of time. The first team to collect 150 points wins the game. A similar concept is applied to Headquarters with minor changes in the hardcore mode.

These modes are only available for a week, from 12th February to 18th February so make sure to enjoy this challenging game mode to the fullest before it is removed from the game.


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