Airborne Chip event goes live in Call of Duty: Mobile

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The Airborne Chip event was previously leaked on various social media platforms by streamers, beta testers and it has been confirmed that the event will go live in Call of Duty: Mobile. The Airborne Chip has been seen in the Battle Royale mode and has remained locked until this day. Player will need to complete specific challenges within the event’s duration to unlock an extremely rare ability which can be only used in Battle Royale mode.

The aforementioned ability is termed as ‘Airborne Specialist’ and when activated, it launches the user and his teammates high into the sky triggering their Wingsuits which they use to descend back to the ground. Using the ability’s passive skill, players can glide further in various directions while descending as well. This can be a game changing ability with endless applications right from changing your own position to getting a full view of your surroundings from the air, giving you information about the enemy’s position as well.

How to Unlock?

Here is a complete list of challenges required to be completed in order to unlock the Airborne Specialist skill:

  • Login in 3 Total Days
  • Play 1 match in Battle Royale Mode.
  • Play 2 matches in Battle Royale Mode.
  • Use 1 Specialist skill in Battle Royale Mode.
  • Use 2 Specialist skill in Battle Royale Mode.
  • Kill 5 Enemies in Battle Royale Mode.
  • Kill 10 Enemies in Battle Royale Mode.
  • Survive in Battle Royale Mode for 1500 Seconds.
  • Survive in Battle Royale Mode for 3000 Seconds.
  • Place in the Top 10 twice in Battle Royale Mode.

Upon completion of 8 of the above mentioned challenges, players can avail a new M16 weapon skin. Unlocking the Airborne Specialist class can only be done by completing all 10 of the above mentioned challenges.

Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates!

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