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BGMI Server Releast Date and Time: When Are The BGMI Servers Going Online?

Krafton India, the publishers of BGMI, recently sent out a crucial update to all players who have the game installed on their mobile devices. This announcement sheds light on the specific dates when players can once again immerse themselves in their favorite battle royale experience.

BGMI Ban Lifted: A Glimpse of Hope

BGMI enthusiasts have been patiently awaiting the game’s return, and now their wait is finally coming to an end. Although the lifting of the ban is currently temporary, it signals a glimmer of hope for a permanent resolution in the future.

In a recent development, players have received much-needed clarity regarding the situation thanks to the latest updates from the developers.

When Are The BGMI Servers Going Online?

Ever since Krafton India made the announcement about the ban being lifted, BGMI servers have been offline. However, fans can now rejoice as the servers are expected to go live on May 29 at around 7:30 AM.

Preparing for the Return

In a nutshell, players can soon dive back into their beloved island maps, either on their own or in squads. For those who have previously played BGMI, there is even the option to pre-download the game. Starting from today, May 27, eligible players can begin the pre-download process. However, like everyone else, they will still need to exercise patience before they can embark on their gaming journey.

New players and iOS users, unfortunately, do not have the luxury of pre-downloading the game. They will have to wait until May 29, when the servers become accessible, to install the game files.

Updates and Game Version

The exact file size of the game has yet to be revealed, and players can expect the version to be patch 2.6. Existing players will be able to update their game once the applicable download becomes available.

Although the community has been overjoyed by this recent news, players are hopeful that the temporary lift on the ban will eventually translate into a permanent one. It remains to be seen if BGMI will recapture the same level of popularity and engagement it once enjoyed.


  1. Can I pre-download BGMI if I’m a new player?
    • No, new players will have to wait until May 29 to install the game files.
  2. Will existing players need to update their game?
    • Yes, existing players will be able to update their game once the applicable download becomes available.
  3. What is the expected game version for the BGMI revival?
    • The expected game version is patch 2.6.
  4. Has the exact file size of BGMI been revealed?
    • No, the exact file size has not been revealed yet.
  5. Is there a chance of a permanent lift on the ban?
    • While the current lift on the ban is temporary, players remain hopeful for a permanent resolution in the future.

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