Cheating will lead to permanent ban in Battlegrounds Mobile India

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Krafton has released the guidelines on the role of conduct for players while playing their latest title Battlegrounds Mobile India. These rules are only applicable to Indian players and are quite similar to PUBG Mobile and its various versions. Most of the violations will lead to a permanent ban on a player’s in-game account.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is the latest battle royale game developed by Krafton to take the place of PUBG Mobile in the country. The game is very similar to PUBG Mobile and its early access is open-for-all in the country. Players need to become testers in order to download the game.

Hacking and cheating have always been serious issues in gaming. Various titles have faced the issue of hackers since the very start and the developers always try to be vigilant and curb hacking. Krafton is taking early measures to prevent such exploits by releasing strict guidelines.

The criteria of misconduct have various branches and each one has its own penalty. Here is a complete list of violations that can lead to an account ban over a period of at least 30 days to an indefinite amount of time.

Krafton has issued more detailed information about how they assess cheaters and impose the penalties. Click here to take a look at their policies in depth.

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