One of the most popular games of China’s Tencent Games that goes by the name of Arena of Valor (Chinese version known as Kings of Glory) initially launched the Indian server in the month of March in 2018. The player base and the community of the game grew steadily in the coming months as well.

The Indian server was given complete attention in the starting days through regular updates, weekly events, and monthly tournaments. The game was eventually able to build a decent player base and community. In the summer of 2018, Tesseract Esports collaborated with Tencent Games to host Arena of Valor Summer Championship with a big prize pool of 5,20,000 INR (around $7000 USD). ExDee GaminG came out on the top after dominating the entire tournament and winning the same. After that, the team went on to represent India at the Asian Games 2018 held in Jakarta and to other international tournaments as well but that was all.

After Summer Championship, no tournaments were organized for AOV India and its community. The last update that the server got was in the month of December in 2018. Also, after a few months, the ranked queue, weekly events and other in game entities such as game spins and shop were taken off from the game. However, the loyal players and fans that truly loved and enjoyed the game still kept on playing the game despite getting any events or updates.

Finally after a long wait, Arena of Valor devs have come up with a new South Asian serving for its players from the regions like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and other neighbouring countries. The account migration process for transferring the account from the old Indian server to the new South Asian server started a week ago and as soon as the new South Asian server comes today in the afternoon, players will be able to transfer their accounts to the new server and all their in-game items will be transferred as well.

It will be really interesting to see what awaits in the nearby future for this new South Asian server as League of Legends Wild Rift being developed by Riot Games is still far away from the release. Will there be any future tournaments for Arena of Valor South Asia (India)? Only time can tell.