VLT Sentinel expresses gratitude for “support of fans in highs and lows”

Before Velocity Gaming secured their first win at the VCC finals playoffs, we got a chance to interview VLT CEO Manoj “Sentinel” Kashyap.

VLT were one of the favourites heading into the VCC finals playoffs which was evident from their domination of XLE. The Indian side sailed smoothly into the next stage of the tournament but a lot went into their preparation admits all the lineup changes right before the start of the tournament.

It is no secret that the indomitable form we saw at the begging was matched by Global Esports that lead to some unsatisfactory results for Sentinel’s side and the entire transfer drama surrounding Excali did nothing but add to their woes. However, the team once again seemed to have found their footing with the signing of Marzil and MW1 judging by their splendid form throughout VCC.

The tribulation of the team was shared by a legion of loyal fans who stuck with them through thick and thin and VLT Sentinel had some kind words for them.

“We would not be VLT if not for the fans and the support they show us. I am thankful to each and everyone for the love and support they have given us in our highs and lows, truly fortunate to have such a family of fans. ” said Sentinel.

“For all those who are playing Valorant and grinding continue to do the same, the future of Indian Esports is bright.” he added.

Not just esports, every sport wouldn’t be the same without fans and VLT Sentinel knows it. It’s never bad to have a happy fan base and given VLT’s results, they are on cloud nine and so must be the players and VLT CEO Manoj “Sentinel” Kashyap.

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