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“Qualifying for the Major is my dream”: NiP Rez

The 20-year old Ninjas In Pyjamas star Fredrik “REZ” Sterner spoke about his career in CS: GO, how he started, what’s the current situation in the team and about his future goals.

Ninjas in Pyjamas published a video on their official Youtube channel about the history of Fredrik REZ Sterner.

First multiplayer game –

“The first multiplayer game for me was World of Warcraft. My brother started to play, and I watched him a lot. I wanted my character and asked my parents to buy it for me. That’s how my journey started in WoW.

When asked about starting a career in Esports –

In eSports I got into the first year of the game in CS: GO. With my first team, we went to the mayor in Bucharest [talking about Cringe Gods and the European minor to MLG Columbus 2016 – approx. Ed.]. It was at this point, most likely, started as a career, and e-sports for me as a whole. When Cringe Gods and I flew to Bucharest, I realized that I could make a living and build a future in Counter-Strike. With me in the composition was also draken , and from this, all of us began. ”

About the current situation of Ninjas in Pajamas –

“To make Ninjas in Pajamas even better, we need more structured play and planned actions on an individual level. This is what we are working on together with pita [ in February Farooq Peta again became the team’s coach – approx. Ed. ]. I think that a bright future awaits us. I believe that with pita we are able to enter the top three teams in the world. Now we know what we need to work on, and we believe that we can go far. I believe in it”.

About future goals

“To get on the major and win it is my cherished dream for the moment. And the main goal now. This means a lot for me and for the team as a whole. So yes, my main goal is to get to the major and win it. ”

On June 12, Ninjas in Pajamas replaced Adam “Friberg” with Fredrik “REZ” Sterner. The transfer of this player to a stronger Swedish team was a matter of time. Participants of the top 20 best players of 2016 according to HLTV.org – Kjaerbye , flusha and olofmeister – called Sterner a potential discovery of 2017.

After joining NIP, REZ won DreamHack Valencia 2017 and Intel Extreme Masters Season XII Oakland, and also reached the semi-final DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017.

Image: HLTV

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