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TSM ZexRow claims “Fortnite requires more aim than Valorant and CS”

The tweet has sparked debates across the fanbases of the three shooters.

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In what many are considering to be one of the finest bait posts of 2020, Fortnite pro Anthony “ZexRow” Colandro has made a claim through his Twitter handle that has become a cause of controversy for the communities of Fortnite, Valorant, and CSGO.

In his Twee made on December 21st, ZexRow claimed, “Fortnite requires more aim than Valorant and CS idk how ppl can argue that.”

A day later, he added some more fuel to the fire, saying, “no way cs players have this big of egos to think it isn’t 80% crosshair placement.”

While many people in the comments’ section have joined him by trolling CS and Valorant players, a good portion of the replies also criticized the 20-year-old for making these remarks.

“Proves if you say something stupid enough, you’ll get a bunch of Twitter interactions,” said CSGO star Ethan ‘Ethan’ Arnold who currently plays for team Evil Geniuses.

At the time of writing, the tweet by ZexrRow has managed to surpass over 7,800 likes and 162 retweets.

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