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The Growth of Esports: Could We See Virtual FIFA Competitions Beat the Real Thing?

One thing we can’t doubt is that the esports industry is growing at an impressive rate. It has never been better than this in the past for the industry. We continue to see competitions from various parts of the world. Top gamers enjoy the booming sector as they get sponsorships and massive deals.

We even see celebrities switch to the industry and create incredible partnerships to bolster the online gaming world, giving it more credibility to others outside the industry. With the growing popularity, we’ve seen many brands in different industries try to get into the world by offering bettors the chance to engage in esports betting

As we continue to see this growth, we believe there will be more industries coming in to join in the fun and development. It has been a remarkable journey for the fans that want to see their best players go head-to-head with others in various competitive leagues, and as a result, the price money keeps improving.

Therefore, we see an increase in the gaming industry with more people motivated to play and gain recognition. Also, since there is no need for physical strengths and attributes, regular talents can give it a shot, especially if they are hoping to gain limelight like their favorite super sports stars. 

And since there are now many sports esports competitions, especially those organized by FIFA, we’re seeing sports fans go all in as it offers a chance to be part of the ecosystem. With the massive popularity of Football, FIFA games are becoming one of the most popular and played in the industry.

We’ve seen different leagues come up through the various features in the FIFA game, and we can see that the industry is growing, and there is no telling how far it will get. In that case, we would love to know if it can be as big as the actual sport or not. So, keep reading to see how the esports industry is growing, especially with virtual FIFA competitions, and if its close to catching up, 

The Growth of eSports

The esports industry is growing to become more than just playing video games. It is now a massive industry worth billions of dollars with several divisions and categories. In that case, we see a gigantic switch since the worldwide lockdown when people were forced to embrace the online world. 

The group stages of the FIFA eWorld Grand Final get underway at the O2 Arena in London, Britain August 2, 2018. REUTERS/Henry Nicholls

With the growth rate, there are many projections from experts that the industry will keep growing at an impressive rate beneficial to the spectators, players, and especially the brands. Therefore, we can be sure that more people will flock to the esports world to support the different teams and players available. 

Impact of Football and FIFA

Football has always been welcoming to different technological advancements and digital revolutions. Therefore, it is not a surprise that we see soccer at the forefront of the gaming world and that there are significant competitions based on the sport. With the mix from football, the esports world has grown much more comprehensive than before. 

Many football fans now try to enter the industry as the top footballers spend some of their spare time playing different games, especially FIFA, on their various consoles. Therefore, the impact of football cannot be understated as it has helped the industry get bigger and more recognition. 

As a result, the FIFA competition has become more extensive, and we now see sports fans become pro gamers, representing different teams and trying to win tournaments. There is the eFIFA world cup with teams representing various nations. We also have the Virtual EPL league recently won by the Norwich esports team. 

Olympics and Future Projections

There have been talks that we might get to see esports get into the Olympics and find teams representing their nations as they battle it out. In that case, there are rumors that we might see a significant esports competition be introduced at the Paris 2024 Olympics, which would be a big push for the industry. 

In that case, we can say that the future looks good for esports, and we will enjoy it more once the industry is fully integrated with the Olympics. The partnership would benefit both parties, and we think it would launch esports into a bigger pool of opportunities to meet different demography. 

Our Thoughts

The esports industry is already on a steady rise, and there would be more to enjoy with the different exciting competitions available. Therefore, we think it is something that would keep getting better once we can have more brands join the train. So, we look to the future to see what it holds for the esports industry and the fans.

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