Top Five Wireless Gaming Headsets You Should Check Out

Becoming a pro gamer is a journey; you must start with the right tools to get there faster. In that case, you should take the time to review the different guides that help newbies learn about becoming a top gamer. Once you start reading, you’ll discover that you need the right gear.

In that case, one of the most important is the headset you use because you want to be able to communicate effortlessly without hassle. Also, you want to hear the sounds from your team members and the game without any distractions.

Therefore, the headset you use is essential. How to use it is not as complicated as bet on esports games, other way to enjoy your favorite game, so, you do not need a detailed guide for using a headset as you could require a betting guides to invest your money.

So, before you start the journey, picking a headset is one of your work. You just have to try to do it right. In that case, you must ensure you’ve gone through as many options as possible. But we’ve got you covered if you don’t want to spend time looking for headsets. Here are five wireless gaming headsets that we think you should check out. 

Virtuoso RGB Wireless from Corsair

Photo: Corsair

The first name on our list is Corsair’s virtuoso wireless headset. It has a phenomenal sound that lets you enjoy the game as you play. Also, it comes with two 50mm Neodym drivers to help you get a balanced and dynamic sound. In addition to that, the microphone is discord-certified because of its incredible quality, which can be taken out if you want. 

The only problem with this headset is that the earbuds can easily get scratched when you’ve used them for quite some time. You will also have access to massive comfort, excellent sound, high-resolution audio, detachable mic, long battery life, and versatile connectivity. 

Cloud Stinger Core from HyperX

Photo: HyperX

The next entry in this list is the Cloud Stinger Core from HyperX, a budget-friendly wireless gaming headset with incredible features. It is everything you would want in a top-notch headset, and if you’re looking for a solid stereo sound, the two 40mm drivers do the job perfectly well, making it sufficient for an excellent gaming experience. 

The headset is very lightweight at 240g and has no fancy lighting. Even though it lacks fancy LED lighting, it is not uncomfortable, and the metal sliders let you adjust the headband until it fits perfectly with your head. Therefore, you’ll get the incredible comfort you need to have a great gaming experience. 

G733 from Logitech

Photo: Logitech

If you want a gaming headset with a beautiful design, then you should consider the G733 from Logitech. It is a multi-colored gaming headset that gives you the incredible comfort you need and the impressive sounds that let you communicate and enjoy your gaming experience. It is very lightweight and stays fitted all through your gaming period. 

It offers an excellent 7.1 sound with an interchangeable headband, although you might have to make do with the average microphone. Other than that, you’ll get an excellent return for your money when you go for the Logitech G733 as your choice for wireless headphones. You can even try it in white or black if you don’t want the colorful ones. 

BlackShark V2 Pro from Razer

Photo: Razer

If you’re looking for a high-quality headset that is lightweight, you should give the BlackShark V2 Pro a try. The Razer wireless headset is one of the best in the market that many pro gamers recommend, especially since you’re just starting and want something affordable. In that case, you should give this one a try.

It has a long battery life, and the design has breathable weaves placed on the ear cushions, making it comfortable and helping reduce heat and sweat. It also has an excellent 7.1 sound with an impressive microphone for communication and an additional 3.5mm jack if you want to plug it into other devices.    

Artics Pro Wireless from SteelSeries

Photo: SteelSeries

One of the best headset makers in the gaming world is SteelSeries. They have the best collection of headsets that you should consider if you have a little extra to splurge on quality. You’ll get much for your money when you go for the Artics Pro Wireless headset from SteelSeries.

The headset has an external transmitter where the extra battery that comes with the headset is charged. In addition, the transmitter base station can connect to your console or PC and through Bluetooth or cable to your phone. If you can look past the fact that it is expensive, you’ll enjoy this Artics Pro from SteelSeries, even if you want to game for hours.