Six Games With the Best Competitions in the Esports World


The Esports industry is growing, and we’re having some of the best games enter the industry. With the industry’s growing popularity, we keep seeing more people make their way into the gaming world. If you’re new to everything, you can start by learning about each game before you start betting.

As a result, you have to know the games that have the best competitions that you can try to get into. Also, you can measure this by their level in the gambling world and how popular the games have become. So, for instance, you can always check League of Legends betting to see how popular betting on the competitions has become. 

In that case, we are looking at some of the best competitions in esports and the top six games. To find out more about these competitive games, keep reading.

League of Legends

Photo: Riot Games

One of the most popular games in the esports world is League of Legends. It is a multiplayer online battle arena game that was published in 2009, and since then, we’ve been getting other updates that make the game even more exciting. 

As a result, its popularity keeps growing, and it has become an exciting video game to try. It’s become so popular already, even bettors can place lol bets at different betting sites.

In that case, since it entered as one of the games to play in esports, it has grown to become an exciting one for players. Many teams have been created, and we watch them play these variants as they battle other groups. 

The best teams have gone on to win multiple accolades and enjoy massive popularity in the industry. We’ve even seen many gambling sites allow bettors to give League of legends bets a try with real money.



DOTA 2 is an online game, and like League of Legends, it is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed by Valve. It has been around since 2013, and in this time, it has gained impressive popularity that many teams have gone on to dominate different competitions. We’ve seen an increase in the number of supporters as well.

In most cases, we enjoy these exciting games as we watch the professionals battle it out. The game keeps getting multiple growing accolades as more players want to try it. Undoubtedly, it has had an impressive run, and we believe the game will only improve as we continue to find more competitions. 


Photo: ESL

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a shooting strategy game that has been around since 2012. It is a first-person shooter game with some of the best gaming experiences, especially if you enjoy war games. It has a multiplayer feature that allows people to assemble a team and battle it out online.

The game has continued to grow and allows players to enjoy more exciting features through regular updates. Without a doubt, this is one of the best shooter games available. Therefore, if you want to give one a try, you might want to check the series out and find your way through the different competitions. 


Photo: Riot Games

Another shooter game you can try is Valorant, a first-person free-to-play hero shooter video game that was recently created and gained massive popularity. Undoubtedly, Riot games are one of the biggest developers in the world today, as they are responsible for many popular games. Therefore, this hero shooter game is another one in their collection.

It was first teased as Project A in 2019 before officially being released on the 2nd of June 2020. Since then, it has even been nominated for many awards, and many esports leagues are under the Valorant section. Therefore, you can learn how to play the game to become a pro and enter different competitions. 

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is an old game that has gone through many changes. We’ve seen plenty of updates since the first COD was released. 

The first version of the game came out in 2003 and focused on the second world war. Then, more versions started coming out which have settings in various wars. It has gone on to represent different missions from the real world over the years. 

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best shooter games that you can give a try at any time you want to play. It has had many incredible versions available, and the iconic game continues to offer more, especially in the esports industry, thanks to new online versions. You can always learn how to play the game and join the different national and international championships.