GUIDE: Beginners Lesson for Betting on Esports

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Esports has grown massively over the past decade and continues to develop as one of the leading forms of entertainment for both players and fans. There was even talk of Esports is one of the events at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, which would have been fantastic and there is still a possibility it could happen in the future. 

As with any popular competitive event, betting becomes an exciting additional element and that is definitely the case with Esports. In the beginning, you would have found it tough to find a good selection of Esports betting markets online but now, the majority of the major online bookmakers offer Esports odds on a daily basis. However, for many punters, Esports is something new, and below you will find a beginner’s guide for betting on Esports.

As with any form of online betting, you should always choose a reliable bookie when betting on Esports. As mentioned above, all the major online betting brands now offer Esports betting markets, so you should have little trouble finding a licensed and regulated online bookmaker. If you are unsure where to start, check out where you will find reviews of all the leading online bookmakers, many of which offer Esports odds.

When betting on Esports for the first time, the best place to begin is by betting on games you already know. For example, if you enjoy playing Call of Duty, you already understand the game and you can use that knowledge when betting. Even better, if you have been watching professional Esports events involving your favorite games, you may already know some of the top players and can use your own insight when placing bets.

If you do not know anything about the professional Esports scene, you can find plenty of advice and tips online. There are several websites dedicated to Esports and they offer detailed previews of events and matches. Use this information when getting started and build up your own Esports knowledge in the process.

In addition to having a knowledge of professional Esports games and players, you must also understand the different betting markets. Esports betting markets do not always match those of other sports. For example, you bet on the overall outcome of the match, but other markets will include map and rounds betting, with handicap betting also an option. Method of victory, first kill, and total kills are other Esports markets, and these are often available in-play. You should never place a bet on Esports without knowing what each of the different markets means.

As a beginner, do not expect to make big profits when betting on Esports. You are advised to begin betting using smaller amounts until you become accustomed to how it works, and your knowledge improves. The most important thing to remember is to have fun. Enjoy watching the big events, look to see which teams and players are doing well and use that information to place informed Esports bets.

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