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How to bet on FIFA esports – a quick guide

Esports is a natural progression in a world that loves sports and computer games. Combining the two pursuits, it’s one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and pits the best gamers against each other in an exciting live setting. 

One of the most popular games for fans to watch is FIFA, the world’s best-selling football video game. Tournaments such as the FIFA eWorld Cup are much anticipated events, with live studio audiences and big prizes for the winners. 

It’s no surprise, then, that a betting market has appeared dedicated to these occasions, and this guide will show you what FIFA eSports bets you can make and how you can place them.

Best FIFA markets

If you’re familiar with normal sports betting markets, then eSports betting will hold no fear for you. Even newbies will find it easy to find something to place their money on.

The most common are the match bets, where you bet on the win, draw, or loss of a certain game, or tournament bets where you predict the outright winner of the entire tournament. Tournament bets are great for spotting those ‘dark horses’, quality players who have flown under the radar and are at longer odds than they should be. 

Some bets appeal to punters because of their positive nature, such as   the ‘total goals’ bet, where you predict the number of goals in a game and celebrate each time a goal is scored. A related bet is ‘Over x goals’, which keeps the bet alive throughout the game: this is never really a loser until the final whistle blows, as there’s always a chance of a last-gasp goal or two to bring your win in. 

One last bet that people often miss is the ‘handicap bet’, where an imaginary ‘weight’ is given to the result. If you’re convinced that a heavy favourite is going to win, you can boost the odds by placing a handicap of say –1.5 goals, meaning they have win by two or more goals for you to get your money. 

The more the eSports betting scene grows, the wider the variety of bets gets. There are sometimes hundreds to choose from, so take your time when checking out the markets!

How to make the best betting decisions

When betting on live events, it’s easy to get caught up in the emotion of it all, especially when you’re placing the bet moments before the start. It’s crucial, therefore, to take your time and not to rush into decisions. 

Often, players bet on their favourite football team to win, rather than the player who’s controlling them, something that is irrational and not based on logic. Doing research into the player’s record, then, is important, and there are often a variety of stats to help you. 

When you begin betting, always start low. As a good safe gambling guide would say, you should only bet with money you can afford to lose. If you blow most of your budget first time around, then you’ll more likely to want to recuperate it and you’ll probably gamble more money than you expected.

Another important rule is to not just settle with the odds one bookmaker gives you. Make sure to cross-reference them with at least one other betting site to make sure you’re getting a fair deal.

Finally, remember that gambling is not a way to make money. Serial gamblers tend to view their bets as a side income, but this is an unhealthy attitude that puts more pressure on you to win the bet. Having a set amount to bet before you start – always an amount you can afford – and not deviating from this means that you’re keeping your betting firmly within the realms of entertainment. It will also mean you’re not devastated should a bet not come through.

Live betting

Many bookmakers offer live eSports betting for FIFA, a feature that adds the thrill of changing real-time odds to the equation.

With this, you need to be particularly in tune with odds changes and whether they represent a good deal or not. Although betting sites follow algorithms to ensure they nearly always get the best deal, there are one or two gems that slip through the net. 

Like with any type of betting, it’s imperative to keep a cool head and an open mind when staking money during games. It’s easy to lose money if you get caught up in the moment!

Where you can place your bet

The growing popularity of eSports means more betting sites than ever devote a section to it. 

To choose the best one, take the following factors into account:

Esports bonuses – sites compete for custom by offering extras to new players, so keep an eye out for free bets and similar promotions when looking through potential options.

Customer service – each site should have online reviews: steer clear of those that have garnered a high number of complaints. 

Variety of eSports markets – don’t pigeonhole yourself into one or two markets: go for those bookies who offer a wide range of betting options. 

So, there you have it, your quick guide to FIFA eSports betting. Remember, knowledge and a cool head are the two best tools to have at your disposal, by using both you’re more likely to make the best betting decisions. Good luck!

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