Filling A Competitive Gaming Void

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The iGaming sector continues to grow at a remarkable rate and many hundreds of titles can be enjoyed at a professional or amateur level. While many of those titles have a single player mode, the best battles are undoubtedly those that are carried out against a set of human opponents.

On occasions, there are lulls in play where adequate opposition just isn’t available. Downtime can be a frustrating phenomenon for the experienced gamer but there are options in terms of filling the void.

Take a Spin

Slot machines are available at the vast majority of online casinos around the world and many of these are similar in game play to certain eSports titles. In the early stages, there is a regular aim to line up matching symbols along a fixed payline in order to win a cash sum. Those are the basic mechanics of any slot, but, in order to make their releases more entertaining, the games developers have added a number of bonus features.

A typical bonus round may simply offer the player some free spins or a spin on a wheel of fortune. All are randomly triggered and require no particular strategy but other additional features are more complex and require a degree of skill.

Take, for example, the Ghostbusters slot game which is based on the popular film title of the same name. In a bonus feature known as Ballroom Busters, the aim is to take proton shots to uncover ghosts in the ballroom which uncover prizes. This is one example but there are many more which require the player to exercise a basic level of skill and judgement.

A Starting Point

If you’re looking for a slot game that attaches itself more closely to the esports theme, which title should you choose? Over at, there are links to a number of casinos and, between them, they provide many thousands of different online slots.

Along with those links, asiabet also have reviews of those casinos plus details of special offers and this can help players work their way through what can be a confusing choice. In terms of eSports titles, there is a release based entirely on the Call of Duty title and this could be an obvious place with which to start.

Within the Call of Duty slot, many of the symbols used are directly related to the theme of the original game. In the bonus round, the quest is to take out enemy soldiers with a view to claiming some free spins or, potentially, some cash wins. In this example, a slot and a video game carry exactly the same name so this is an obvious contender but there are many other titles relating to the eSports theme.

A Diverse Choice

Wartime battles are regularly showcased at the slots and those struggles can begin with the Vikings and be carried right through to the present day. The global conflicts of the 20th century feature strongly with options including Tanks of Glory and Battle Tanks.

Lovers of the FIFA soccer titles can also get their fix from football related releases including Penalty Shootout and Soccer Safari. Complex strategy isn’t a theme that is frequently picked up by the slot developers. Regulations within the industry mean that results have to be random but players can use their basic levels of skill and judgement at times.

Choose Your Gameplay Approach

There is the expectation that slot machines require financial outlay in order to play them but this isn’t necessarily the case. Those that want to aim for cash wins when they hit the reels will naturally have to stake their own funds to begin with but the vast majority of those titles can be played for free.

Alternatively, all slots can be played with a range of stakes to suit all budgets although it should be noted that the big jackpot prizes are likely to require a maximum bet outlay. This flexibility among slot titles means that players can either play for fun or they can aim for a range of cash wins. At the same time, who knows, those players might just be able to hone their eSports skills before they get behind the console once again.

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