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Does Andrew Tate Own CSGO Skins? 

Andrew Tate is one of the most controversial men nowadays. He’s been raided, he’s been accused of everything online, and now it seems like he might be the owner of a stash of CS:GO skins. We’ll see if this rumor is true or just another bit of internet disinformation.

A Match Fixing Scandal?

On top of the accusations against him for different criminal activities (they’re suppositions because they yet have to be proven true by justice), he’s now been accused of fixing different CS:GO matches. Once again, this is just another rumor because there’s no solid evidence that places Andrew Tate and his brother as the leaders or members of a CS:GO match fixing ring.

However, this rumor led to another supposition that Andrew Tate is the owner of hundreds of CSGO skins that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. According to CSGORadar.com, these assets can be worth more than $10,000 USD each, as it’s the case for the Dragon Lore AWP.

On top of that, it’s also said that Andrew Tate used these skins for gambling at CS:GO casinos. No specific names have been given nor the games he supposedly used to wager the skins, but some choices might have been Crash, case opening, roulette, etc. Since CS:GO skins gambling is growing at such an accelerated pace, it might have grabbed Andrew Tate’s interest to get involved, since there’s money to make and he’s proven to be a serious entrepreneur. 

All in all, it seems like Andrew Tate has been deeply involved in CS:GO skins, even though he’s been widely opposed to video games, something that anyone can check by watching his videos and content.

A Risky Bet?

We still need more evidence to conclude that Andrew Tate has been indeed involved in CSGO skin gambling, especially since he’s been opposed to video games and has even been banned from playing CS:GO.

Consequently, he has very little knowledge about gaming and especially about skins, so it’s raised suspicions about this claim since he’s reportedly been gambling with very valuable skins, and that means risking a lot of money.

Andrew Tate is worth millions of dollars by now, so perhaps he’s been involved in CS:GO skins gambling as a sort of fun or even a hobby (a surprising one given his stance on video games), or maybe he really studied the CS:GO skin gambling scene and he has managed to become a pro at it.

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Is CS:GO Skin Gambling Really That Hard?

It’s not really that hard, especially since all you have to do is to make a deposit, select a game, place a bet and let luck decide your fate. Games like Crash and Roulette involve only three steps, so there’s no rocket-science and the learning curve is actually very small.

However, bankroll management is something that one would need to master in order to make it. Given Andrew Tate’s vision and stance on different matters, we could arrive at the conclusion that he has the grit, discipline and mindset that’s needed to set up a working bankroll management strategy.

It’s all about managing your emotions and being rational, and from what we have seen, perhaps Mr. Tate has the necessary skills to ace it at CS:GO gambling games. 

Once again, these games are not hard to play and all you have to do is to stick to a gambling strategy, so that you can know when to quit and when to cash out your profits. And given that the rumors tell us that Andrew Tate’s inventory of CS:GO skins is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, it’s highly probable that he’s really mastered the art of CS:GO gambling.

All of these are suppositions based on some rumors that have been going around during the last few days, so we still need to make further research in order to confirm that Andrew Tate indeed owns CS.GO skins and that he’s involved in CS:GO gambling, but that’s something that we’ll update you all with during the next few weeks.

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