PUBG MOBILE Launches New System for Tournament Licensing, Online Esports Hub

The new system for PUBG MOBILE tournament licensing is here! Get licensed and join the action-packed esports hub today.

PUBG MOBILE, one of the leading battle royale games, has launched a new online portal for tournament licensing, streamlining the process for individuals and organizations to apply for a tournament license. With the introduction of several changes and updates, organizing a PUBG MOBILE Esports tournament is now open to a wider audience and will encourage and inspire organizers worldwide to set up amazing events, backed by PUBG MOBILE’s support.

The newly launched Esports Hub caters to tournaments of all sizes, providing four distinct tiers to choose from during the application process. These tiers range from community-led events to major pro tournaments. The process of applying for a license is now as simple as signing up on the website, providing necessary information about the event, and uploading any requested documentation. Users can keep track of their application status through the website, providing direct and transparent updates during the process.

Tournaments licensed by PUBG MOBILE will have the opportunity to secure a slot and participate in the PUBG MOBILE Pro League qualifiers, allowing both tournament organizers and amateur players to advance to the professional level. Authorized organizers will also have the chance to work with sponsors, opening doors to more extensive tournaments that may not have been possible previously.

The introduction of this licensing website will simplify the setup of PUBG MOBILE Esports tournaments, providing additional resources wherever possible to give organizers the best possible chance of success. PUBG MOBILE is excited about the future of these tournaments and invites players of all levels to take part in these fantastic events.

The newly launched Esports Hub by PUBG MOBILE will create a level playing field for both amateur and professional players, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to compete and showcase their skills. This streamlined process will make organizing a PUBG MOBILE Esports tournament much easier, and additional resources will be provided to give organizers the best possible chance of success.

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