CSGO Operation Broken Fang Case – All skins

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Valve have released the new operation for CS:GO, Operation: Broken Fang.

You must complete different sets of daily missions and of others in order to earn stars. The stars can subsequently be redeemed for rewards of your choice.

There are some sweet rewards you can choose from; Broken Fang Cases, Ancient Collection, Control Collection, Havoc Collection, and new Agent Skins among others.

There is also a new statistics page that can only be accessed by Operation buyers, which will have detailed statistics that will be mapped automatically.

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What does it cost?

How much does the New CSGO Operation Broken Fang cost?

The Operation Broken Fang pass will cost players $15 USD.

This will unlock the entire operation broken fang as well as reward unlocks and an XP boost.

You can play the missions without the pass, however you will not receive any rewards.

Operation Broken Fang Case Skins:

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