COD Mobile Christmas Raid Map Might Be Returning in Season 13

COD Mobile Season 13

The upcoming Season 13 of Call of Duty Mobile is only 10 days away, and it appears like we’ll get to see a return of the Christmas-themed raid map alongside the next season.

Today, the official Twitter handle of CODM tweeted out a picture of the winter-themed raid map. This might be hinting towards a return of the map that was originally released in Season 2 to the Activision title in the upcoming Season 13 update.

“No worries, the snow will be shoveled and plowed before you arrive,” the caption said.

Apart from the Christmas-themed raid map, the devs have also teased another upcoming map through a tweet last week. However, no further hints on what the map was could be found.

Activision hasn’t confirmed the news of the Christmas-themed raid map arriving to CODM as of yet, but fans are hyped about the possibility of its return to the free-to-play shooter.