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Twitch to get live DMCA strikes

DMCA strikes are a nightmare for streamers, which is about to get much worse according to reports, with Twitch looking to implement a live DMCA strike, which can take down a channel amidst a live stream.

According to Tucker “Jericho” Boner, National Music Publishers’ Association is working with Twitch to integrate a functionality into Twitch that will instantly takedown a channel whenever any content infringes copyright during a live stream. However, he did mention that there is still time before this arrives.

Jericho says that Twitch has hired a French developer to work on the functionality and that he believes them to do a better job than Audible Magic that Twitch is using as of now. Jericho faced trouble recalling the name of the company however he claims that they are almost done with the job.

“They(NMPA) are very not happy with Twitch. They are not happy with how Twitch is handling copyrighted content, they are not happy with the way Twitch is moving forward with copyrighted content,” said Jericho explaining NMPA’s concern.

This bars the use of in-game music, no IRL streaming with music playing in the background other than the obvious restrictions on streaming apps. Streaming any single-player game with copyrighted music will be trouble unless the streamer turns down the master volume of the game. Such restrictions might potentially kill Twitch as a streaming platform, giving YouTube a prime alternative for streamers given that it is much more forgiving with DMCA takedowns.

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