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3 DotA 2 Characters That Are Most Likely To Always Win

Playing games is fun and engaging. Moreover, you can get money for your beloved hobby, for example, place bets on real money casino slots or take part in Dota 2 tournaments. In this case, you should know more about the best characters there. These 3 are the strongest of them.

Ancient Apparition

The master of cold and killing is Ancient Apparition. This character is always causing problems for his opponent and helping his ally. Why is he so powerful? With his first Cold Feet skill, Ancient Apparition deals a reasonable amount of damage, forcing the enemy to move away or else get hit hard. At the same time, with the second Ice Vortex skill, Ancient Apparition slows the opponent down. If the opponent is lost for even a second, he becomes a hostage, shackled in ice.


Next in line is Bristleback. He’s probably the one that annoys a lot of people, but a lot of people like him. What’s his specialty? The most important thing about him is his barbs.

What is it about its barbs that make the enemy suffer? The answer is simple – Quill Spray. It has a short cooldown time, and the damage stacks up with each barb effect, spilling from double digits to triple digits, hampering the enemy.

The rest of his abilities complement Quill Spray, such as Viscous Nasal Goo, which reduces armor and slows the enemy. As you know, the damage from Quill Spray is physical, so the armor reduction is only beneficial for Bristleback. The third skill and ultimates are passive abilities, making this hero easy to control and easy for beginners. The third skill gives resistance to any damage from the back, while the ultimates give a nice increase in damage and movement speed for each ability.

Faceless Void

Faceless Void is one of the strongest heroes in Dota. So what’s his trick?

Void can rush in and out of fights with impunity and restore the health spending in the last 2 seconds. What’s more, his second skill is a big help when catching up to someone or preventing them from using an ability, like Time Dilation, which slows down ability cooldowns. His Chronosphere can turn any fight to his advantage if he has enough damage to kill the opposing team.

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