Battlegrounds Mobile India vs PUBG Mobile: 5 major differences

How to get BGMI Early Access

After 9 long months, the wait is finally over. Krafton has launched the Battlegrounds Mobile India open beta version access in the Play store. The gamers are just going crazy after playing their long-time favorite game. To let you know, Battlegrounds Mobile India is a rebranded version of the PUBG Mobile game, exclusively developed for players in India. The game is available to download for the early open beta testers, soon will be available to all the players. Presently, only the players using Android devices have got the access but will be available on the ios devices soon.

After the first-ever match, Battlegrounds Mobile India doesn’t look much different than the previously banned game ‘PUBG Mobile’. The gameplay and features of the game look the same. Such as it has the same set of maps such as Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and much more. The guns and vehicles are the same as PUBG Mobile. But there are few things that are slightly different from PUBG Mobile. Read our article to know these major differences.

5 major changes in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) from PUBG Mobile

1. Hit Effect

This is one of the major changes in the game. The color of blood in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) isn’t Red. Whenever the players will shoot towards the enemies, the blood spilled on the screen will not be red. This change was made when the Government of India, found the game violent and aggressive. 

The game now gives players the option to customize the kill effects. You can choose between light green, dark green, and yellow for the hit effect whereas dark green and yellow for the damaging effect.

2. Change server from settings

Battlegrounds Mobile India now gives players the option to change the severs from the settings menu. Although, Indian players will not be able to change the servers due to the game exclusivity. Whereas, PUBG mobile has the option to change the servers on the homepage. 

3. Audio warning at the start of the game and match

Seeing the immense craze and addiction towards the game. Krafton has introduced a virtual assistant at the start of the game and match. When you open the game, a message is popped out reading, “This game is a simulation in a virtual world and does not represent the real world. Please play in moderation and take frequent breaks.” Again when entering the game, the virtual assistant points out that BGMI is a virtual game and does not represent the real world.

4. Gameplay Management System

This time, Krafton has stressed more about the health of their gamers. To remind them about their mental and psychological health, the developers have introduced a new gameplay management system. The few lines of the system read as ” It has PUBG MOBILE’s longstanding endeavor to present our users with quality entertainment. This vision is incomplete without a sustainable approach to gaming and our gamers. We at PUBG MOBILE would like to take the lead in a responsible future for our users. A sound body and mind are essential to every aspect of life and it is important to be aware of the risks associated with gaming for too long.”

5. No kills, only finishes

The players will not kill their enemies in Battlegrounds Mobile India, they will finish them. To reduce the violence and aggressiveness within the gamers, Krafton has removed the instances that could lead to such things. Therefore, the developers have removed the word ‘Kill’ from the game, and when the enemy is down, it will be referred to as ‘finishes’.