Genshin Impact has an all-new event for the players to enjoy, and it is rewarding players with Billions of free Primogems, which are an in-game currency in Genshin Impact.  MiHoYo is known for keeping its player base engaged through various in-game events, and this new event titled ‘Wish Upon a Lantern’  is certain to win the hearts of Genshin Impact fans worldwide.

Wish Upon a Lantern Release Date

The ‘Wish Upon a Lantern’ event started today and will run until 25th February.

Eligible players will receive their in-game Primogems from 26th February till 5th March.

Minimum Rank

Players will need to have a minimum adventurer rank of 10 to be eligible to participate in the event.

Event Rewards

Other than the grand Primogems reward, players can also receive a gift box containing various prizes by successfully releasing lanterns.

How to Participate in the Event

To participate in the ‘Wish Upon a Lantern’ event, players need to head to the Event Page first.

There, interested players will have to log in through their miHoYo account. Once done, they’ll be redirected to the actual event page.

When you finish the above steps, you’ll see a ‘Release Lantern’ button that you can press to release random Xiao Lanterns.