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Where to Find The Launchpad in Fortnite?

Fortnite players have experienced The End and Chapter 3 is now underway. With the new Chapter, we have a brand new location known as The Launchpad which combines elements from the previous seasons.

The Launchpad is an unnamed location in Chapter 3 and you need to get to the location to progress the seasonal quest. If you are struggling to find the Launchpad, here is a quick guide on how to find the place and continue your Season Quest.

How to Find the Launchpad in Fortnite?

The first thing you need to do is complete the Week One Season Quest in Fortnite Chapter 3. You will need to complete the first challenge which requires you to track down a “device”. 

The quest is self-explanatory and you will need to follow a set of objectives on the map. Keep looking at your objectives and head to the locations marked for you to complete the first quest.

Once you complete the first quest, the Scientist will call the player for the second part of the Season Quest. This is where you need to head to the Launchpad. To reach the location, you need to head to the big island off the eastern coast of the current map. It is located around the southeast side of The Daily Bugle and north of the Joneses.

Once you reach the Launchpad, the Scientist will call you on the device from the previous challenge. This is where you will need to complete the second half of the second challenge for Week One. 

All you need to do is destroy three signal jammers in one game and you will be rewarded with 25,000 experience points and get access to the next challenge. Once you are done with everything, you will get the next objective at Might Monument.

With The Rock and Spiderman being added to the game, Fortnite Chapter 3 is shaping up to be quite fun. Quests in upcoming weeks will reveal more about the Scientist and his motives.

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