Apex Legends Laser Sights Location: Where To Find Them

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In Apex Legends Laser sights are an epic-rarity attachment for SMGs and pistols that grant a large hipfire spread reduction.

Despite laser sights’ name, they don’t actually include an optic for the weapon; instead, it adds a colored laser to the underside of your gun’s barrel. The color of the laser can be customized in the game’s settings as an accessibility aid.

What do laser sights do in Apex Legends?

Laser sights help with this by pulling pistols and SMGs away from LMGs and assault rifles, their closest cousins.

Laser sight locations in Apex Legends

  • Laser sights can be found as ground loot, in loot crates, and in care packages. 
  • There is one location that has guaranteed laser sights, but only on King’s Canyon.
  • Explosive holds in King’s Canyon are guaranteed to have at least one laser sight in them.
  • Laser sights can then be found on the ground in the hold along with weapons, ammo, and other attachments.
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