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Where to Find Driftboards in Fortnite OG?

Fortnite Season OG has brought back the nostalgic charm of the game’s earlier days, and with it, the reintroduction of the Driftboard. This beloved mode of transportation, first seen in Chapter 1 Season 7, offers a unique way to traverse the game’s landscape. As Fortnite removed all cars on November 3 to recapture the game’s original slower pace, the Driftboard emerges as a thrilling alternative.

Where to Find Driftboards in Fortnite OG?

Players can find a total of 37 Driftboards scattered across the OG map, offering a fun and efficient way to move around. These boards are strategically placed in various locations, but not every named location will have them. Some of the key spots include Lucky Landing, Shifty Shaft, Retail Row, Wailing Woods, and more. Each location has a varying number of boards, ensuring players have ample opportunity to grab one.

Each Driftboard in Fortnite OG can carry only one player at a time, adding an element of strategy to their use. With a total health of 300 points, players need to be mindful of the damage their board takes, especially from enemy gunfire. Unlike other vehicles, Driftboards do not feature a radio, focusing purely on the thrill of the ride.

Driftboards are not just about mobility; they’re also a tactical tool. Players can use them to swiftly navigate the map, drop in on unsuspecting enemies, or make a quick escape. While there are currently no specific challenges tied to Driftboards in week two, their strategic use can significantly enhance gameplay.

Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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