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All Hidden Gnomes Locations in Fortnite OG

Fortnite brought back everything from its early days to feed off that nostalgic feeling that players often tend to rejoice. The new season, labelled Fortnite OG season brings back weapons, the loot pool the original map and a plethora of events and challenges based around it and one of the things making a comeback is Gnomes which grants absurd amounts of XP.

There are 10 Gnomes hidden across the map in Fortnite that will grant players tons of XP that help fast-track their level-up process but it can be difficult to find them unless you know how to. Each gnome is worth around 20,000 and grabbing all the 10 would rack up to a staggering 200,000 XP.

Gnomes used to be a part of the Christmas event from back in the day and were highly sought after by players for the enormous XP they grant. Suffice it to say they are spread all over the map and here are the exact locations for you to get them.

Fortnite gnomes in Fortnite OG
Photo via Gamespot.
  1. Near the llama statue, northwest of Junk Junction.
  2. Behind the camper in northwest Risky Reels.
  3. In the hedge maze in the centre of Wailing Woods.
  4. On a chair, northeast of Lonely Lodge.
  5. Close to the soccer field, south of Pleasant Park.
  6. In the pond in Dusty Divot.
  7. Close to the statue, northeastern Greasy Grove.
  8. Inside the mine in central Shifty Shafts.
  9. Around the crashed Battle Bus, east of Shifty Shafts.
  10. On the cliff, of Paradise Palms.

Grabbing all the Gnomes grant you 200,000 XP and having the locations makes the job easier than before now that you have all the locations, make sure to quickly collect them as the event runs till the 2nd of December.

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