Where to Find Bonsly in Pokemon Legends Arceus

bonsly pokemon

Bonsly, the infant pokemon, is an uncommon sight in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Gamefreak’s most recent offering, which is part of the well-known Pokemon brand, has significantly altered the game format.

With the conspicuous lack of pokemon breeding, catching or trading for certain pokemon becomes the only remaining option for players to consider.

And, in the case of baby pokemon, who are little and difficult to see, finding and catching them might be a challenging task.

This tutorial will show you everything you need to know about catching Bonsly and adding it to your Pokedex.

In-game, where can you find Bonsly?

Arceus Bonsly may be found near Cloudpool Ridge in the Crimson Mirelands and Celestica Ruins in the Coronet Highlands in Legends.

Because Cloudpool Ridge is the first of the two places available to the player, it is easy to cover in-depth for this tutorial. To begin, the player should fast travel to the Diamond Clan outpost and move to the west of it.

This will take the player just south of Cloudpool Ridge, through Diamond Heath’s rocky terrain. Players will most likely come across paras and parasects in the woods, as well as Bonsly, the subject of this tutorial.

Players will need to return to Jubilife town and revisit the spot to reset the Pokemon spawns for Crimson Mirelands if a Bonsly is not there. Players will be able to try to resurrect Bonsly as a result of this.

It’s worth noting that Bonsly spawns don’t appear to be tied to a specific time of day, so gamers can experiment with changing the in-game time to see whether the spawns have changed.

If all of the aforementioned is taken into account, a Bonsly should arise sooner or later for the player. To be safe, keep a safe distance from the animated bonslyi.

Bonsly isn’t a particularly aggressive Pokemon. Running towards it to start a fight isn’t the greatest idea, since the pokemon can escape and vanish.

Food may be used to distract it, or surrounding thick grass could be used to approach close enough for an easy catch.

If the players are successful in their mission, the caught Bonsly will be useful for study and Pokedex reasons.

If the encounter ends in an unsuccessful effort to capture the Bonsly, just restart the save from before the capture attempt and try again.